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Homespun by Ruth

Wool T-shirt

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On the quest to find the ultimate t-shirt? You may have just found it!

Comfort from nature itself.

What is the purpose of wool, while it is still on the sheep? To regulate their body temperature and to protect them from the elements. Once shorn and made into cloth, wool does the same thing for our bodies. In the cooler temperatures, Wool works to insulate our bodies to keep us warm. In warm temperatures, it works to let our body breathe and stay at a more comfortable temperature. It is also naturally antibacterial, and odor resistant, making it an ideal choice for hiking and other hard working sports!

Soft and Stretchy

We all secretly wish we could live in our favorite pair of pjs. Our wool t-shirts have the perfect amount of stretch and softness to give you that cozy feeling.

Classic = Sustainable

Want a wardrobe that never goes out of style? One of the greatest keys to this, is to get classic pieces that pair with anything. Enter your favorite t-shirt.


  • Made from 100% Merino Wool
  • Naturally antibacterial, odor resistant, and UV protecting!
  • Most of our wool fabrics are machine washable. The fabrics marked with an asterisk (*) are handwash only. Even for the machine washable fabrics we recommend handwashing to extend lifetime. We recommend using a lanolin rich wool wash for all of our wool items. 
  • Made to Order

Please allow the turn around time shown in the banner at the top of the page for your order to be carefully crafted just for you!


How to measure for custom length:

  1. If possible take measurements from a shirt that fits well.
  2. Measure from the outer edge of the shoulder seam (right against the arm seam), all the way to the hem.

Customer Reviews

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Forget the rest, buy the best… here!

I’ve bought from a lot of wool companies and no one, not even the big name brands, can compare. In these challenging times the price is affordable, the fabric is sustainable, and the sewing is impeccable! I love everything I’ve bought! Thank you! Getting ready to start ordering for fall!